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NBA basketball superstar Kevin Garnett and Taiwan artists Jessey Meng September 7 with the "send pairs of sports shoes to the children," public action arrived at Zhengzhou Zhongmu County, Jiang Chong elementary school, where the children brought to the sports shoes. Receive such a gift of the new semester, the kids can not wait to put on new shoes are on the run in the playground. Made them surprise, Garnett played live sport to them when a substitute teacher in his help, a child's life also completed the first dunk.

Garnett "Mayday" Jessey Meng is now learning Chinese made shoes 7 pm, Garnett entered the Jiang Chong elementary school, it was the students chanted "KG" to surround sound. Although most children do not know "KG" meaning, but a warm welcome so let Garnett exposed happy smile. His side and the children waving Chinese side said gently, "Hello." Saw the children's curiosity and shy appearance, Garnett is innocence big time, to the children start a grimace, prompting children "giggle" straight music.

Soon, hair shoes ceremony began. Initially, Garnett is responsible for delivery of shoes, Jessey Meng told the boy out of the line charge. Soon, Garnett also started helping, "called the number." Although the Chinese was not very good, but the NBA star is learning momentum, one by one on the list to ask Jessey Meng Chinese pronunciation, and then sell off now. Heard just this big tall foreigner standard call out their names, children are very surprised. During Garnett, Jessey Meng also donated to the project team signature shoes, T-shirts.

After the ceremony, the children can not wait to put on a new pair of shoes, bounce. In order to Garnett, Jessey Meng thanked the children also carefully prepared a tai chi fan performances, melodious music sounded, red silk fan dance, playground suddenly turned into a sea of red. First time I saw such a scene, Garnett spirits high, to come to a fan and kids learn together. Although still a small teacher just shy look, taught from action, to really rhythmic footwork, demanding. Is the so-called "strict teacher a great day", and soon Garnett "apprenticeship", and his reporting performance to win the children's applause.

After the show, Kevin Garnett and the kids come to a reversal of identity, he gave the kids played sports when a substitute teacher. Accompany the children jump rope for a while after the big, basketball star who took out housekeeping skills, teach kids playing basketball, layup, dribbling, shooting, teach every step very carefully. Garnett basketball watching with a perfect arc in the air to draw a child whispered expression of the "want to slam dunk" desire. Garnett listening apart from anything else, his hands aloft, to help him complete the first time in life dunk with both hands


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